September 30-October 2, 2020
During these three transformational days, I'm going to help you create your vision, clarify your path, focus on what works and gain the support you need.
Do You Feel Like You know where you want to go... but Have No Idea how you're
going to get there?
It's 2020. There are some companies that completed their strategic planning for the year, 
3 months ago. 3 months ago, you were still trying to figure out why your 2019 plan wasn't working! 

Eek out those last few sales that were going to knock it out of the ball park. And then the holidays hit and suddenly it was almost 2020. Some folks hit the ground running with marketing to kick off the new year. Do you feel like you are already playing catch up?
It's ok. You are not alone and you are not behind!
Let's be honest. January 1 is just as arbitrary a date as May 13, Aug 7 and Oct 21. You can start your planning or your new idea at any point on the calendar. 

What's most important is that you take time to plan, you are strategic and focused, and you implement that plan. 

You are right on time for where you are going.
Let's get your plan together!
She works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations to reach their biggest goals through accountability and productivity.

Nettie is a nationally recognized organizing, accountability, and productivity expert. Her methodologies are brain-based and backed by science. She has written the book on creating an environment that supports who you are, what you do and where you would like to go. It is her mission to help others to clear the path to their potential.

After 14 years supporting residential clients, she has taken her expertise to focus on programs like Momentum Accountability and the Launch Conference. She connects daily with her business clients to help them discern what activities will help them complete their biggest goals.

What is Momentum Live?
Momentum Live is a focused two-day strategic planning and implementation retreat. It is an opportunity to get outside of the noise and clutter, to think deeply about your business, to mastermind, to network, and to implement. You heard that correctly.

So many retreats and programs get you excited about the possibilities then send you home to implement. You are left with lots of great intentions and often not enough energy, time, or resources to get them done.  

In two-days you will review your past successes and challenges, envision your future destination, create a strategic plan, address your obstacles, master mind when you are stuck, network with other entrepreneurs that can help you on your journey, select your next steps and begin the work.

This thinking can't happen virtually from your existing space where you are stuck in your existing thinking. You need to get out, to connect with others, to see a bigger brighter future. 

I have selected Havre de Grace, MD, at the top of the Chesapeake Bay with gorgeous views of the water and paths for walking and thinking. We'll have plenty of delicious food to nourish your body (and coffee, tea and a bit of chocolate to help your brain). 

You will be surrounded by other forward thinking, growth minded entrepreneurs to inspire and motivate you.

In the end, you will start 2020 with a BANG! Get things moving. Gain clarity. Make connections. Bring in clients, meet project deadlines and hit it big time.   
"Show Up."

- Crystal Forman
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2 Transformational Days Whe're You'll:
  • Reflect on the year - what worked, what didn't, decide what you will use going forward
  • Vision - Create your new vision
  • Create Goals - What will you create in 2020 that will lead you into your vision
  • ​Implement & Collaborate
  • ​Celebratory Dinner in Havre de Grace
  • Define the activities that will accelerate your business and professional growth
  • Learn how to plan your time to make it the most productive and rewarding
  • MasterMind with fellow transformational entrepreneurs
  • Implement & Collaborate
  • Create your exact plan, step by step to make 2020 your best year yet.
"Everything came together so quickly. I think some people have a hard time visualizing what you can accomplish when you have someone to encourage you."
- Jolene
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What Makes THIS Event Different?
By The Time You Leave, You'll Walk Away With A Plan To:
  • 1 - Increase your productivity level
  • 2 - Decrease your stress level and the amount of time you spend working outside "business hours"
  • 3 - Create systems
  • ​4 - Improve your time management
  • ​5 - Move forward on your BIG goals
Start your year with energy, clarity, and the tools you need to create your plan and make it happen!
Join us Sept 30-Oct 1 for two transformational days. Create your vision, clarify your path, focus on what works and gain the support you need.
What Will Life Be Like If You DON'T Reach Your Goals?
I'm not talking about the, "I was aiming for 100 clients and I got 99," but more of the "This was going to be the year I FINALLY wrote my book and it just didn't happen, again." 

I KNOW you, I truly do. I have been in business myself for over 15 years. 

I have been in the middle of the 'putting out fires' stage and I know how it feels. I have put off the big stuff to make sure that the bills and my employees were paid. 

I made sure they were paid before I took home a paycheck or met my own needs. I know how it feels. 

 But I can tell you, that path is not going to lead to your success or well being. 
It is time to create a new plan and gain the support you need to create the business or work-life you imagine.
....and many other professionals who want to scale their business without scaling their time. 
Not everyone makes a decision to actually show up unless they are certain it will be worth their time. If that's you, we get it!

We recommend making a decision to be here. Come ready to make connections, learn effective strategies, and invest in yourself to grow your education in a way that WILL get you results. It will be worth your time Guaranteed! 

Harve De Grace, Maryland
Experience Havre de Grace!
Enjoy peaceful views from the top of the Chesapeake Bay as you reflect and plan.
Nourish yourself with delicious plant based from from local award winning restaurants.
Connect at our celebratory dinner after the first day.

Rest in the comfort of The Vandiver Inn or Spencer Silver Mansion, bed and breakfast accommodations. Special rates available!
How much does it cost?
​This workshop is $1497 (one time payment)
or a $500 (three payment option)...

Through August 30, 2020:
Register for the discounted price of $997 or $333 x 3 (three payment option)

Through March 7, 2020 Early Bird Special pricing is only $500!

If you are under 30 years old, please apply for a scholarship to attend for FREE!
What is Included?
If you are like me, you want to know what you are going to get.
Here it is:
  • A guide book planner to capture your plan and all your ideas and thoughts.
  • Light morning refreshments, coffee, tea, and snacks through the day.
  • A beautiful environment for thought, reflection and planning at the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum looking out at the top of the Cheasapeake Bay.
  • ​Access to Sappari Strategic Partners, businesses positioned to help you on your journey.
  • ​Delicious and nourishing plant based lunch both days.
  • ​More goodies to help you along your path, a few surprises from me that I know you will enjoy!
What's NOT Included?
  • ​Travel - you will need to make your own travel arrangements. Havre de Grace is located just of of I95 along the Susquehanna River at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. It is 40 minutes from Baltimore, 1 hour 15 minutes from Philadelphia and 2.5 hours from New York City. The closest airport is BWI.
  • ​Lodging - We recommend rooms that have been reserved at the Vandiver Inn and Spencer Silver Mansion. These B &B's are within walking distance of the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum as well as shops, coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment and the Havre de Grace Promenade. Both of these include breakfast.
This event is for you if...
- You have EVER created New Year's Resolutions for yourself in the past

- You know there is something more, bigger, more amazing that you would like to accomplish

- You have a BIG idea or goal and are feeling a bit intimidated on how to make it happen

- You have read the books, taken the classes, worked with a mentor or coach in the past

- You need accountability to make your dreams a reality

- You could use support making the best use of your time and energy

- You want 2019 to rock because you moved forward in a HUGE way.
what you won't find here:
- SMART Goals. I LOVE SMART Goals and I am happy to teach you how to use them but that is NOT what we are doing here. You will create a plan to get sh*t done this year, period. This plan will work for you. YOU know what to do! (I promise)

- Judgement or comparison. Your goals, projects, struggles are yours. Everyone has their own. Each person will be empowered to create a plan to succeed in the way that makes the most sense for them.
You will have a partner with you 100% of the way.
PS. If you are not sure, set up a time to talk and find out if this program is right for you.
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