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30 Days to Focus and Complete 1 Big Goal
30 Days to Focus and Complete 1 Big Goal
Let me ask you something...

Do you often feel like you are just one step away from greatness? If you could just COMPLETE one idea that you have that your business (and life) would launch forward?

If you’re honest, how often do you let other things, the fires and priorities of the day steal time from getting done the stuff that would actually make a difference?  If you just had more TIME you could accomplish everything you desired?

Are you afraid of what might happen if you are actually successful? No more excuses?

If so, I know EXACTLY how you feel...
From Busy to Done
Hi!  I'm Nettie Owens...

I understand busy!!  I started my business when it was just me and my husband.  Soon, I had our first, then 2nd and then 3rd children.  All the while I was building my business, my husband was working full time and going to school full time.  I volunteered in my community and helped plan events in my family.  It wasn't long before we found out that two of our children had special needs and at one point, I brought our kids home to homeschool them for almost 3 years.  Life was SUPER busy and I wore my busy-ness like a badge of honor.  Always sacrificing my goals, my business growth, and my health for all of the other things that were going on.

I continued to make excuses that life was too busy, there was too much going on, and there were too many fires to put out to really move forward.

In 2017, my business completely shifted and it was a do or die moment.  I could either re-center around the new business that was developing or I could struggle to cling to the one that was falling apart.  

What I learned was that it was never about all the things on my to-do list, the amount of time, or the amount of support (although those things do help!) Everything I needed was already within me if only I would focus. 

So, instead of moving in 20 million directions as I always had, I put my head down and moved forward with one goal, and that was to provide accountability and support to others to reach their goals.  I was great at it. 

But old habits die hard.

Soon I was back to doing too much, being too busy and stagnet AGAIN in my business.  I kept thinking (and was too ashamed to say it out loud) that if I would just DO what I was teaching my clients everything would be ok.  

I made the excuse that I needed, again, something outside of myself to fix this situation.  But the reality was I really did need to simply apply all that I already knew to myself. 

It is hard to turn this mirror on to yourself but I truly believe I and YOU already have all we need within ourselves to create the outcomes we were meant to create.
Sharing What I Learned
I created a step by step way to focus on one goal at a time and achieve it. I started sharing this process with my clients and now I want to share it with you.  It's simple but requires commitment, consistency, 5 minutes of planning daily and 15 minutes of action daily.  If you can do that, you can accomplish any goal you have in your mind.
In the process, I learned a number of lessons the hard way and created tools to overcome my own challenges.

One of my biggest lessons was that in order to be successful, you need to be willing to drink your own kool-aid.  I gained accountability by sharing the work that I was doing so that others could see it and model it. I started being honest about all of the pressures that exist for entrepreneurs.  I started sharing the tools that I was created to address these pressures.

How does this apply to you? 

Sometimes you need a swift kick in the tushie to get yourself moving.  Sometimes you need an opportunity to focus your efforts when everything seems to be swirling around you.   Sometimes knowing you have a tribe of people working with you, rooting for you, and challenging you makes the difference between success and yet another unfinished project.

Having unimplemented brilliant ideas stinks. I don't want this for you.

I have been in that place of knowing there is more and just not seeming to be able to get out of my own way long enough to go and get it.  

But, when I did get the support I needed, I was able to soar.

It's my mission in life to help entrepreneurs, like yourself, who see a VISION, to break that vision down into actionable steps and make it happen.

Are you ready to get your big goals done?
One Focus - 30 Day Challenge
JUST $197
Here's What We'll Cover
In Week 1, here’s what you’ll be able to do…
  • Design your one focus
  • Learn to use your Daily Vision Action Planner 
  • Decide what you truly want
  • Determine the change you are making in the world.
  •  Create your metaphor
  •  What matters most is how you feel
  •  Use rest for productivity
In Week 2, it's time to create an environment of success.  During this week we will…
  • Make space in your schedule
  • Create a schedule that WORKS for you
  •  Determine your time value.
  • Toss your to-do list in the trash
  •  Clear the Clutter
  •  Play
  •  Rest
In Week 3, you don't create success without community.  In this week we will...
  • Surround you with success
  • Connect with those two steps higher
  • Create your tribe
  • Prove, everything you need is in this room
  •  Affix your blinders
  •  Play
  •  Rest
In Week 4, you're ready to work within. This week you are turning the mirror on yourself to ...
  • Determine your processing modality
  • Identify your strengths
  • Learn what you must master
  • Create just in time learning
  •  Identify as a Momentum Entrepreneur
  •  Play
Post Challenge Follow Up
You are ready to celebrate and move forward!
  • Identify what's next?
  • Unlock the door
  • Set Your Focus
Your Challenge Program Includes
30-Days of Accountability & Coaching
 with Nettie Owens  
($3,000 Value)
This challenge is all about taking action, consistently to reach your goals. 

There is really nothing I love more than supporting a person who has a vision to create.  I can't wait to show up for YOU  

I'll challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and I'll teach you how to do it without getting stuck.  (We've all done it!  You go to make a big change and suddenly the car needs washing, the baseboards need scrubbing, and it's time to clean out 10,000 backlogged images on your phone)

Every day, you will receive one 3-minute video to help you along the process.  There will be daily worksheets (the same ones I use with my Momentum clients), weekly reflection and lots of celebrations as you take each step.

The date for failing your New Year's resolutions has passed.  This is your BIG opportunity to take action and be held accountable to get it done.

I know YOU know what you need to do.  But, if you were going to do it on your own, you would have already.

I am honored to be here to support you in the best way I know how.
One Focus Companion 
Workbook ($34.95 Value)
During One Focus, I will teach you how to replicate this process for ANY Goal are working on.

The Companion Workbook will help you capture your learning and create your personalized path to success.

You will have all the tools you need. 

You'll even find yourself thinking of other places you can apply your new learning.  I can't wait to challenge you and support you!

Getting things done in your business should not require you fight, grind, push, shove, or do it at all costs.  I'll even share my favorite way to toss your to-do list in the trash. There are tricks of the trade that allow you both achieve your goals and live a life you design that feels great.  You'll find the framework and the inspiration you need here. 
Focus Group Challenges
($197 Value)
These scheduled challenge sessions will keep your energy up, increase the fun, and create focus time to take action.
  •             Race with your peers to see who can complete the challenge first.
  • Win prizes along the way. (the winner isn't always the first to cross the line!)
  • Test techiques that you can apply long after the challenge has ended.
Access to Our Private Challenge Facebook Group 
($500 Value)
For 30 Days you will work together with other Momentum Entrepreneurs to reach your goals.  You'll challenge each other, race with each other and encourage each other.  

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road but you don't have to walk it alone!  Meet your tribe and be inspired!
Access to all of the Recordings
($497 Value)
As much as I would LOVE for you to watch the videos and join in live I know that sometimes things/life get in the way.  

During the challenge, you will have access everything you need.  I'll keep your access open for a short time after in case you want to catch up or re-watch.
Momentum Celebration Gift
($297 Value)
I love when you succeed and I love to celebrate.  When you complete the challenge, you'll receive a special gift to mark your effort. 

It's a surprise!  One of many to help you keep up your Momentum into the future. 
As if Reaching Your Goal weren't Enough
There are Prizes!!
A little competition never hurt anyone, you'll not only have the tools you need to reach your goal but as you complete challenges along the way, you have an opportunity to win EVERY week!  From $50-200!
One Focus - 30 Day Challenge
JUST $197
** Your Challenge Includes
  • 30-Day Accountability Coaching with Nettie Owens to support you to get things done! ($3,000 Value)
  •  One Focus Companion Workbook ($34.95 Value)
  • Focus Group Challenges ($197 Value)
  • Access to the Recordings   ($497 Value)
  • Access to our Private Challenge Facebook Group  ($500 Value)
  • Momentum Celebration Kit  ($297 Value)
Total Value: $4,525.95
At the end of 
30 Days You Will
  •  Know with CERTAINTY your vision
  •  Have CLARITY on your ONE FOCUS to get you there
  •  Gain TOOLS to tackle any goal
  • Learn how to manage your TIME and TASKS in a way that works for you.
  •  Have confidence and FOCUS that you can turn on as needed.
AND you will connect with a community of people who will surround you with love and support to reach your goals.
And if all of this is not enough, there is one more thing...
What if you could have this ALL for FREE?
You read that correctly!

In MY Vision, every entrepreneur is equipped with the tools she needs to succeed.  So, if you...
Who do you know who, like you, is reaching for a BIG goal and could use the support that this challenge is offering?  When you register today and share this program. You'll get your enrollment for FREE.

When 3 of your friends join the 30-Day Challenge using your referral link, we’ll reimburse your registration. You will get it all for free!  What could be better!!??

Exciting, right?

That's it!  Let's get you signed up.

I am so excited to begin and get things done with you! 
One Focus - 30 Day Challenge
JUST $97
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get access to the Challenge?
Once you Join the Challenge and complete your purchase, you will receive email instructions on how to access the Facebook Group where videos and all the materials you will need will be posted daily. 
**IMPORTANT NOTE** PLEASE check your email (and spam folder) for an email from us immediately after you sign up. Then whitelist our e-mail address. If you’ve got Gmail, move the message from your Promotions folder into your Primary Inbox. 


I’ll be communicating with you via e-mail as well, and I don’t want you to miss a single communication I have created just for you!  If you unsubscribe from communications, you will miss important messages about the challenge (and maybe the prizes, too!)
Q: When does the challenge start?
August 17, it's right around the corner.  We'll start with a few pre-work items ahead of time to get you going.
Q: When will I get my materials?
All of your resources will be emailed or accessible in the Facebook Group.
Q: How will the prizes be awarded?
This will all be revealed inside the 30-Day Challenge Facebook Group. I love to go live to announce these things so watch for videos!
Q: When will I get my entry fee back after I refer 3 friends?
We will be issuing reimbursement payments after the challenge starts.
Q: I’m never on Facebook, can I still participate?
You will need to sign up or access your account for this challenge but, you can focus your attention to just the group and messenger.  I promise it will be worth it!  30 days and you can quit again.

Any other questions about the One Focus| 30 Days? 
Helping businesses get more DONE, Nettie Owens is a nationally recognized organizing and productivity expert. She has been helping people create an environment that supports who they are, what they do, and where they are going since 2004.   In 2016, she wrote the book on it, The Take Control System

In 2018, she created the Creating Momentum Program: The 9 Principles to Sustainable Success. 

She is a Certified Professional Organizer in Challenging Disorganization and is working towards becoming a Certified Organizer Coach.

It is her mission to help others remove the obstacles and create a path to their life’s work.

Unless you have been following VERY closely, you may not know...
Diplomas & Certifications Hanging On The Wall:
BA in Computer Science - Johns Hopkins University
Minor– Entrepreneurship & Management - Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business
Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization

Husband: Jason Owens (Computer Scientist)

Children: Three, 1 Boy, 2 Girls keeping things lively at home

Favorite Past–Times: dancing, cooking for everyone, long hikes in the woods

Biggest Accomplishment: Helping to create the Havre de Grace Green Team, a grassroots non-profit organization in her home town dedicating to education, resources, and recognition of environmental protection.  AND, as a 12-year-old, petitioning to save the Alaskan Wilderness from dilling.

Favorite Movie: Too many to count!!  Dirty Dancing, Kate & Leopold, The Intern, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (to name a few).

Favorite Quote: “Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

My 15 Seconds of Fame: (more like 15 minutes?) Appearing on National TV coverage dancing at the Teen Inaugural Party for Bill Clinton, Appearing in Law & Order, Appearing on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive AND being interviewed by the local news to explain what a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization is, published and interviewed for media across the globe.
One Focus - 30 Day Challenge
** Read What People Are Saying

“Nettie's program helps you think about and restructure the things you think you have a handle on, but actually, don't.  I made the best decision in my entrepreneurial life by partnering up with Nettie and receiving the accountability I needed. She really grounds you and puts you into a state of focus that you will never know existed in your world. And... her program isn't just about accountability, it's about action and truly driving home the key elements of your business that need to be put into action. Working with her on this has been a true blessing for me and I can't thank her enough for helping me along my journey of true entrepreneurial success.
Frank Demming
Local Busines Marketing Solutions
Author of 7 Steps to Recession Proofing Your Business
“Since meeting Nettie my mindset and business have done a complete shift. Her coaching sessions, courses, FB live sessions, tips, and advice are priceless. She has given me more structure to my mission and process and I am now able to provide more value to my present and future clients. Nettie is truly amazing and has been a gamechanger for me. If you need a boost for you and your business and more success, I highly recommend you reach out to her!”
Jennifer McGinley
JLM Strategic Communications
Traditional Public Relations with Edge
" I had expressed an interest in trying to get my focus on business and suggestions for improving my Sphere of Influence. I found Nettie to be friendly and very supportive. She made me feel important and worthy of asking for business with more influential people in my industry. I have put together timelines, connections, and direction to make the best use of my time and my potential business partners' time. My manifesto is in place and I now have the ability to show just how important and how much I am different from my competitors. She is definitely great at her craft and imaginative in her work and understanding my work.."
Joe Shagena
Destiny Mortgage Group
"Nettie Owens has mad skills when it comes to organizing and keeping her clients focused on their goals. She's a loving accountability maven who sets an intention for us to succeed, especially when we feel overwhelmed. I love how she knows exactly the right question to ask on any given day, one that supports my stated objectives. Combine these amazing skills with the warm, funny woman Nettie is and you've got one of the most incredible resources in your corner. I highly recommend working with Nettie if you have big, hairy, audacious goals!"
Deborah Kevin
Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Traveler
One Focus | 30 Day Challenge
Normally $397
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