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YOU are 
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While you are Holding On to EVERYTHING....
Your Business is Stagnate
You are overwhelmed and overworked.
Your boundaries are being violated daily (and it's mostly your fault).
You have no time off.
All decisions depend on you.
You are not earning enough to pay yourself or you have a mountain of debt trying to put into the place the next great solution that is going to turn this all around.
You have been to the classes and know WHAT to do but don't quite know how to apply it.
You believe you can do everything.
You are surrounded by clutter: physical, time, and mental.
You are spinning your wheels focused on checking things off a list but really making any progress.

You need a break from the chaos and space to think.
You need clear direction of the next right step to take.
You need a way to handle the unexpected when it appears (it always appears).
You need a tried and true system to managing all of your time and tasks to be productive without burning out.  
You need support and accurate information to move the ball forward.

In the past, you just didn't know what you didn't know!  It's a tricky place to be.  You think you have all the pieces to make things work but you were missing something critical.

You've seen others become successful and you KNOW you can do it, too but they seem to have some magic mojo that just isn't available to you, yet.

You've spent time trying to figure it out but somehow your brain and life doesn't look or work like theirs and time and again you have come up short.
To Be Honest, 
Nothing is Going To Change...
Being 100% honest, nothing is truly going to change for you because there will always be more interruptions, more things to do, more paths to follow.
It is a fact of life, something will always come in the way of where you are now and where you want to be.  You have experienced it and will continue to experience it if you continue in the direction you are going right now.

You've probably been at this for a while already.  You are already frustrated with the situation.  You can keep trying to figure this out on your own but can you imagine your life in twelve months if nothing changes? Will your bank account or you last that long?

I had a team of six organizers, the biggest organizing company in the area and yet I was overworked, and paying myself nothing.  Everyone and everything came first.  I was great at organizing but failing to be successful. I could see others 'making it' and it always seemed so elusive to me.  I don't want that for you.
It doesn't have to be this hard.  There is something you can do to move out of the way, to let go and to allow your business to flourish, the way it was meant to.  

You must identify the root cause of your lack of progress on your big initiatives, ideas that have never come to fruition and the ones you put hours of time into just to see them flop.  AND create the path to overcome these obstacles.  You need to cut through the clutter and chaos and walk the path you were uniquely designed to walk.

It is truly my mission on this planet to help others discover what is getting in the way of their success. I want this for you, too.  YOU are meant for great things.
In business, you have to look like you have it all together.  But my reality (and I bet yours, too) is that pulling back the cover would have revealed a mess on the brink of disaster. I had been in business for over ten years. I had trained professional organizers and was running the largest organizing company in my area. But, even though I kept coming close to success, it was always just out of reach. I kept thinking that if I tried just a little bit harder, invested in one more program, read one more book, pushed out one more new product, the magic would happen. 

But the reality was, my organizers had become frustrated with me.  I wasn't paying myself (not even one penny!) and one spring, I lost it all.  My employees quit and I was left with clients to serve and a business that was quickly going down the drain.

My employees had been trying to tell me the solution.  Clients were starting to come in that were different than those I had served in the past.  They were businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations that wanted the one thing that only I could offer.  The one thing that I had avoided giving to anyone before.

I finally realized what everyone else had known all along, that I already had within me the exact solution to my problem AND that the years of building my business and working with clients had perfectly positioned me to offer my gifts to the world.  I had seen the obstacles but they were actually teachers in disguise.  When I finally started to listen to all of this intuition, to tap into my gifts, to create programs based on my brilliance, the doors to success flew open. 

I opened my next program and filled it immediately.  Aligned clients came to me with ease. I used all that I had learned and created a repeatable process based on success, science and a bit of secret sauce that I was able to share with these new clients with great results.
Nettie Owens, CPO-CD
I am a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization. It is my mission to empower people to take control of their lives and live more purposefully by revealing what is essential, creating systems and helping them let go of what is holding them back.

As a nationally recognized organizing and productivity expert, I have appeared on TLC, CNN, Fox, ABC and in eHow and Parents Magazine.

I help business get things done by creating a clear path that cuts through the noise and confusion.  People that work with me break down the blockades that are stopping their progress in a painless and powerful way.  Clarity is one step away.
Imagine if You Knew the Exact Thing Keeping You From Success and 
You Knew How to Turn It Into An Asset
When the sh*t hit the fan I looked within myself and to other experts to find exactly what would work to take what seemed like a disaster and create my biggest success to date.  What I found was that there were key factors common to EVERY successful business from small Mom & Pop Shops to Mega-Corporations.  In addition, I identified my specific role in holding my business back AND a way to find this block for others.

It took YEARS for me to build ONE business and never earn anything from it.  It look only MONTHS for me to take my knowledge, research, experience to create a SECOND business that is sustainable, successful and pays me to work at my own pace while raising three children, going to school, volunteering professionally and being a support to my husband while he works full time and completes his PhD.

Imagine you could have a short cut to this clear path for yourself.  How much would it be worth to you to know where you might stumble and create a solution before it even happens?  Or, to see your challenges and to know how you will turn them into successes?  How much time will you save not having to find or create this path for yourself?

Life will be so much easier.  You will be happier and better supported.  You will earn more money, working the same amount or less.  When frustrations and chaos appear, you will know exactly what to do to calm them and clarify your next best step.
All of this is available Through the....
Momentum Accountability
This High Level Accountability Program
Gives you clarity, focus, and support.
Here is what is included...
Daily Accountability, 5 Days a Week
Imagine the best accountability buddy that you can and then imagine that you could receive that support just for yourself. 

You will receive 1-1 personalized accountability every day, Monday-Friday that is 100% aligned with the goals that you and your coach co-create.  As a business owner, you have no one else to report back to and it can be easy to spin off in any direction.  Stay grounded and focused in both actions on your business and self care to keep you at your 100% best. 
One on One Executive Coaching
It's simple.  Sometimes you need to go deeper.

You have access to 1 on 1 executive coaching EVERY month.  Momentum Members use this time to sort out new ideas, clarify their next steps, design their schedule, work on mindset, organize, implement and more.  It's what you need, when you need it.
Vision Strategy Sessions
Yearly and Quarterly goals are just too far way and too big to reasonably act on every day.

Once a month, you will take 1 hour to reflect on your efforts over the last 30 days, discern new insights, create your vision, and break it down into actionable steps.  This is laser focused and I have dialed it in to give you just what you need in a time frame you can fit into your busy schedule.  
The Launch Retreat
Twice Yearly, you come together with your peers for an intensive two days to visualize, master mind, strategically plan, and implement.   Like no other coaching event, you will have time to put into action the plans that you discuss while you are surrounded with people that can help you make it happen.
Because your success is my biggest concern, I am adding two more bonuses I think would help you.
Bonus #1 - The Creating Momentum Program
The 9 Principles to Sustainable Business Success

You receive not only the videos and worksheets to implement the 9 principles, but you also have weekly live access to help you implement what you are learning.
Bonus #2 - Members Only Event at Launch
More Time to Mastermind & Connect

Twice a year, before the action begins, you will have exclusive access to a Momentum Members only event.  The evening before Launch you will reconnect with Momentum Members, Mastermind, and Dine.  
Everything you need to gain clarity, focus and support on a daily basis to take your Vision and create your Reality.
Stop Waiting To Get What You Need
We are Only offering 
10 at this price!
This is it....
The Closing Arguments
Right now you are stuck and you are keeping your business from moving forward.  Momentum is designed to give you the exact support you need right when you need it.  You will no longer be left to implement on your own.  You will move from putting out fires to consistent and confident growth.

Every time we have openings to this program it fills very quickly.  Do not miss out!

Here's to you and all you have to offer the world.

-Nettie Owens
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  •  Daily Accountability ($7200 Value)
  •  Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching ($6000 Value)
  •  Monthly Vision Strategy Sessions ($3600 Value)
  •  Semi Annual Launch Retreat ($3000 Value)
  •  BONUS #1 Creating Momentum Program Videos & Workbook ($1497 Value)
  •  BONUS #2 Exclusive Members Only Launch Events (priceless)
Total Value: $21,297
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